Hi! I'm Shreeya Dhakal, an Applied Scientist specializing in machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), with a particular passion for low-resource NLP, especially in South Asian languages.

Welcome to #icodeformyभाषा! In this blog I will be exploring the intricacies of Nepali grammar. I am fascinated by rich morphology of Nepali and that passion is what fuels #icodeformyभाषा. In addition, I will also write on architecture and foundations of LLMs and discuss my research and findings in low-resource NLP.

You can also find me on LinkedIn!

Recent and upcoming work:

  • In Whose Weights and Biases?, my first opinion piece, I discussed how how firms like Open AI, Meta, Google and Anthropic are taking ethics and safety into considerations when training and deploying AI models. Drawing from the recent research and news, I evaluate how the narrow lens of global tech might still fall short in developing AI for all.

  • Collecting reading materials and courses on ML, NLP and Gen AI.

  • Llama 3 Deep Dive Series: Examine different components of Meta’s Llama 3 model from a multi-lingual lens. First and second posts of the series are out!

    • Part 3 will discuss Supervised Fine-Tuning in LLMs and LLaMA chat models, and will be out mid-July.

    • In Part 4, my collaborator and I will share our findings from fine-tuning LLaMA for Nepali and Hindi, will be out early August, along with the code.

  • Late August, I will have a second opinion piece on how Global South is paying the costs of AI advancements in the Global North.

Please reach via dms if you are interested in collaborating on the opinion piece or collecting reading materials!

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